House How To | DIY Handrails

May 19, 2016 0 Comments

In searching for handrails for our stairways we were less than thrilled about the store bought options. And options is a big word because there weren’t any. At the big-box stores we were limited to an oak or pine round rail with metal brackets. BORING. So, in true DIYer style, we opted for the handmade option and in this case it was also the cheaper option. This project was super quick and super easy. If you’re like me you probably have most of the materials around the house.


White Wood Stud 2x4s
Minwax Provincal Stain
Minwax Polyurethane
180 Grit Sand Paper

Mouse/Skill Sander
Saw horses or stools to hold the 2x4s while sanding and staining
Plaster Screw Anchors

We simply hand-picked some really nice 2×4’s from the lumber pile, paying close attention to the knots and grooves, making sure they weren’t split too badly. We wanted to keep a rustic, eclectic, imperfect look to them so we literally lobbed off the square edge at an eye-balled forty five degree angle, sanded the crap out of them.

Once they were smooth to the touch, I spent about 10 minutes staining them to match our newly refinished floors. Once the stain was dry I did a quick coat of poly and then ended up doing another round of hand sanding to smooth out some rough dried poly. I think they turned out beautifully. We got them up just in time for our rental inspection and luckily so because the inspector was the most adorable 89 year old man and he really needed to use the rails up our steep stairs.