Sunroom Remodel

February 13, 2016 0 Comments

We recently finished a big undertaking in our house. Our sunroom had been sitting in mid-demo phase for over two years. We ripped down the existing ceiling in order to raise it, we wanted to replace the windows and make the space

I love just looking at all the detail…or lack of, in this room. It’s such a peaceful, simple room with so much natural light and views that it’s now my new favorite creative space.

A little about the remodel:
We used pine tongue and groove on the ceiling stained with Minwax Provincial stain from a local lumber store and a kind man who lives in our neighborhood delivered it for us thanks to my Dad!
Rather than replacing the storm windows we removed the interior doors with wood grids and re-caulked and painted everything for a nice clean finish.
The flooring is ‘Rustic Reclaimed Oak’ by Tranquility from Lumber Liquidators. It’s vinyl and it was SO easy to install and super inexpensive. In the natural light you can barely tell it’s not the same as the ceiling.
All the furniture is from local thrift shops!
This little place is where we have coffee, brunch, wine and read our favorite magazines like Driftless. It gets such great light all throughout the day but my favorite is the sunset coming down our street!