After the Road Trip

August 26, 2016 0 Comments

I wake up wrestling with the sheets and the notion of staying in bed all day. But knowing the day is going too be too good to waste I get up. I light up my house, I start the coffee and put away yesterday’s dishes. I step outside with the recycling and take a breath of the foggy morning air and catch a faint whiff of the coffee perking from the kitchen. The dryer is warming the fluffy towels and my eggs whites are sizzling on the stove…it’s in these moments that I could love the domestic life. This routine everyday, the little things that remind me how hard I’ve worked to have this life, I love it. But I could also love it from an RV, from a tent, from a mountain top campsite or from the comfort of my car on a mountain road somewhere.

If you missed the first writing in this series, Before The Road Trip, check it out.

It was there, On the Road Trip, that we began talking about this crazy idea of living with less, much MUCH less. We’d already started purging our closets, taking sabbaticals from shopping, growing our veggies out back in the garden. After the road trip it didn’t seem that far off to downsize our entire life and live with ONLY what was absolutely necessary…so we started dreaming.
That dream quickly turned into a sunny afternoon in a strangers driveway with Justin and my dad where we bought our 1985 motorhome. Then it was Sunday afternoons spent donating boxes to Salvation Army and a Wednesday evening craigslist shopper picking up our living room furniture. Little by little we started changing everything about the way we live.

Here we sit in a tiny apartment almost a year later with our Big Girl, the name we’ve given to our motorhome, almost completely rebuilt and a list of places we plan to visit with her! We’re completely different now than we were a year ago, even two years ago on that roadtrip. Our life has changed in so many ways. Everything is simpler. Even our thoughts are simpler. There isn’t much else to articulate about the past and how we felt After the Road Trip but there is much to be said about the future. We’ll continue to write some about it here on The Wonders Blog but there will be much more about our tiny, simple, adventurous life over on our new blog The Motorhome Memoirs. Thanks for reading!